This acrylic easel is a modern and simple way of displaying your signage. It’s sleek and we love it!

Modern romance calls for these contemporary metal frames. Used to hang your seating plan, welcome sign, menu or anything else you want to display. We have two sizes to work with your requirements.

Refresh family and friends with our sizeable and simple purpose built bar. Functional, crisp, clean and a blank canvas to top with all your favourite drops and brews. Your thirsty friends will love hanging at this bar.

This is a masterpiece very dear to our hearts. Handmade from repurposed pine flooring arranged in a funky yet subtle herringbone design it will create a warm presence and cosy atmosphere.

If the newlyweds are the heart of the wedding, then this beautiful bar will be the soul of your celebrations.

LOVE is in the air, on the wall, up a tree or in a once dark corner now illuminated by bold and bright and rather fitting letters of… L O V E.

This one’s for the lads…or for the ladies to pretty up.

Your guests will need a place to lean and rest after a big dance off with your great Aunty or they may just want to park their drink while they have a yarn with a cherished buddy…what ever the purpose your guests will love our custom made bar leaners.

More goodness getting created as we speak! Keep an eye out for our new hire items.

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